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Email Plans

Professional email that shows the world you mean business.

Build your business identity

Put your company name in front of customers & prospects, suppliers, vendors and partners with every email you send.

Receive only the email you want

We stop spam in its tracks to keep your inbox squeaky clean.

Grab your email anywhere

Including from your Web browser, mobile phone, tablet and desktop clients like Outlook or Mac Mail.

  • Personal

  • $2.99month
    • 1 email address
    • 1 GB storage
    • Full-featured web interface for desktop and mobile
    • Free integrated Calendar and Online Storage

Best Price
  • Business

  • $3.99month
    • 5 email addresses
    • 2 GB storage
    • Full-featured web interface for desktop and mobile
    • Basic mobile and desktop access using POP
    • Free integrated Group Calendar and Online Storage

  • Unlimited Business

  • NZD4.99month
    • 5 email addresses
    • Unlimited storage
    • Full-featured web interface for desktop and mobile
    • Fully synchronized email on mobile and desktop with IMAP
    • Free integrated calendar† with each mailbox (1st year only)
    • Free online storage† (1st year only)

All plans include

  • FREE Calendar
  • FREE Online Storage
  • FREE Webmail, including PDA/handheld & light versions

  • Mobile access, including iPhone® and Blackberry®
  • Secure 256-bit encryption
  • Text-mail service

  • Strong virus, spam and fraud protection
  • Desktop notifier
  • Fast Asia Pacific-based servers

Professional Business Email Address

Business email that shows you’re a pro.

Did you know customers are 9x more likely to choose a business with a professional email address? With a memorable, domain-based email account, you’ll promote your company with every message. You can even create additional email addresses like sales@ or info@ that deliver messages to your inbox.

All your devices, all in sync.

Always have your latest emails, contacts, and appointments at your fingertips. Lord Digit email services work with Outlook, Apple Mail and other top programs to keep all your devices, from your laptop to your smartphone to tablet, up to date and in sync.

Your email on all devices
Email Support

Your own personal IT guy

With Lord Digit, you don’t need to know about SMTP relays or MX records to create an email account, our expert support is here 24/7.


What are the benefits of having domain-based email addresses?

A domain-based email address, like, helps you look more professional with customers and promotes your website and company. In fact, customers are 9 times more likely to choose a company with a professional email address.+ Every time you send an email from a domain-based address, you’re putting your domain name in front of customers and encouraging them to visit your website.

What if I already have an email account with my domain?

If you would like to switch your email to Lord Digit, please call us at (09) 975-9409 and we can help you make the right decision regarding your existing email plan.